Brakes – Inspection & Installation

Car Brakes

Brakes are a mechanical device that absorbs kinetic energy. They convert it into any other form of energy to stop a moving system. They are not only used to stop a moving system but also to prevent motion of any part of a particular system.

Brake Inspection

To identify parts that are worn or no longer meet design specifications before they damage other parts of the brake system. This helps minimize repair costs over the long term.

Our technicians will perform a visual inspection of your vehicle’s brake system. During that inspection, we will measure your brake pads and provide a written evaluation. Any service recommendation is based on your vehicle manufacturer’s specifications and the condition of the brake components that impact system performance.

Brake Installation

Professional installation of all four brakes maximizes the life of the brake friction material. And lets you drive with confidence all year long.

Whether you need pads, shoes, rotors or drums, a brake service helps get your vehicle brake system back to manufacturer specifications.

Based on the results of your brake inspection, technicians service and replace brake system components following your manufacturer’s specifications.

Sign You Need New Brakes

  • Your brakes are squealing.
  • Your brake pedal has fallen.
  • You have to hit the brakes harder.
  • Your brake pedal is vibrating.
  • ABS or warning light is on.
  • Inoperable emergency brake.


In the final analysis, if you’re hearing abnormal sounds or experiencing unusual stops, it’s a good idea to inspect your brakes immediately. Otherwise, it is a recommendation to examine your brakes with regular tire rotations – about once or twice a year.

Your vehicle’s braking system may require service rather than a replacement. This includes cleaning, adjusting and lubricating hardware to maximize the life of brake friction material.

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