Distracted Driving – What Not To Do

Distracted Driving – Things You Are Doing In Your Car That You Shouldn’t

Driving in a car is part of daily life for many of us, but distracted driving happens way too often. It’s hard to remember how much can go wrong in the blink of an eye. Modern cars have lots of safety features and a computer which keeps everything running smoothly. But there is still a lot of everyday activities people are indulging in while driving. Here is our list of things you are currently doing in your car that you shouldn’t.

Eating A Full Meal

Almost everyone is guilty of doing eating or drinking while driving. They say even drinking a coffee distracts you from gripping the steering wheel and might have you take your eyes off the road. Now drinking might not seem terrible, some people get into more larger meals, such as burgers and sandwiches. Which could lead to more distracted driving, and that is very dangerous.

Doing Your Makeup.

Focusing on anything other than driving means you’re distracted. Many people who do their makeup while driving adjust their mirrors to see themselves and not their surroundings. Which means they are not using their mirrors correctly, and could potentially miss something and cause an accident, or be in the way of an emergency vehicle. They also say you shouldn’t leave your makeup in the car in direct sunlight, and it should always be in room temperature.

Arguing In The Car.

More than half of distracted driving accidents are because of passengers. Parents who yell at their children while they are learning to drive causes stress and affects their ability to drive. These arguments usually lead to road rage, or anger, which would cause you to be distracted as you are focused on the conversation. According to research any passenger in the car adds to the distraction, arguing or not. You can deal with arguments in a healthier way.

Putting Your Feet on The Dashboard.

Whether you are a driver or a rider, your feet should never be on the dashboard. Full seconds would be a waste getting your foot to the brake, which would result in a not pretty sight.

Getting Changed.

Do not attempt to change your clothes, take off your jacket, change shoes or anything that involves having to take your hand off the wheel and eyes off the road. It is not safe, and it is something that can wait until you are in a private room, or at least parked. Not only that you could get in trouble with how much skin you are showing depending where you live, and who sees you.

Drinking and Texting.


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