Organize Your Vehicle

How to Organize Your Vehicle

We love to organize! If your vehicle gets messy, here are some clean storage solutions. Check out these Amazon items to help you keep your home away from home organized. Spring cleaning is approaching! 

Organize Your Trunk

Sort everything from groceries to beach gear by organizing your trunk with collapsible bins. Keep it in place by attaching the velcro to the bottom — it’ll stick to the fuzzy lining of your trunk and prevent sliding. Alternative use a shower caddy to organize all your fluids for your car.

Cord Organization

Messy cords and cables are dangerous if they slip beneath your feet when you’re driving. Use this phone mount, then use Command Cord Clips to secure wires and chargers off to the side.

Avoid Bad Smells

Avoid fumes in the car from sweaty clothes or forgotten food by neutralizing odours with a spray or masking them using a plug-in fragrance option like these vent clips.

Storage Bin

Storage bins make for cute storage outside the house too. A deep one, like this, is great for keeping emergency supplies and tools at the ready.

New Trash Bin

Try using a cereal container for a portable and closeable trash can. It is the perfect size to keep in the front or the back seat. Plus because it closes it traps the mess inside. With this add trash bags in an old Lysol bottle for clean storage.

Emergency Kit

Keep an emergency kit in your car for back up. But also keep a package of these emergency items: cold compress, band-aids, water bottle, bug spray, sunscreen, Advil, Tums, hand sanitizer, polyisoprene, wet wipes. 

Glove Compartment

Use a mini expanding file folder in your glove compartment for all your important documents. It’s a quick way to find your registration, insurance, service invoices and anything else you may want in your car.

The Backseat

Check out this seat protector and organizer! The perfect way to protect the back of your seat and keep everything organized. Also ideal for kids toys, snacks, wipes, sunscreen and hats/gloves.

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