Road Trip Ideas In Ontario

Are You Ready For A Road Trip?

Are you itching to take a road trip? Look no further; here is a bunch of fun destinations in Ontario. Most of these are a few short hours from Thorold! There are so many beautiful places in Ontario, here are our top picks for road trip destinations to explore in Ontario this summer. Take your car in to get serviced before you go!

Do you have a furry companion that you like to bring with you when you travel? Dogs can make excellent travel companions and here is how to make them safe!

Dog In Car Window on Road Trip


Niagara on the Lake is perfect for any girls weekend and a road trip is no exception. There are wine tours, the Shaw festival, and tons more to see in this picturesque town.

Downtown NOTL (Niagara On The Lake)


Explore the waterfall capital of Ontario– Hamilton! Did you know that Niagara Falls isn’t the only beautiful waterfall in the area? The area around Hamilton is home to dozens of other spectacular waterfalls along the Niagara Escarpment. Some waterfalls are easily accessible, while others will require a short hike to visit. There is Tews Falls in the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area, Webster Falls, Devil’s Punchbowl south of Stoney Creek, or the picturesque Tiffany Falls in Ancaster.

Devil's Punchbowl in Hamilton


Who doesn’t love Collingwood? A road trip down to Blue Mountain for loads of adventure while also soaking up everything Collingwood has to offer. Also, take amazing photos in their charming downtown. A road trip to Collingwood is awesome in summer and in winter

Collingwood Blue Mountain


Oh cottage country, is anything better? Muskoka is home to tons of beautiful summer homes, lakes, islands and greenery as far as the eye can see. Airbnb a cottage or camp, it’ll be a road trip you never forget. For a real treat visit the JW Marriott The Rosseau Muskoka Resort & Spa.


Prince Edward County

Scenic Prince Edward County is a great road trip destination in Ontario. It is known for its vineyards and is a great spot for bicycle touring, wine touring, or both!
Walking trails allow visitors to experience the dunes and wetlands while seeing a wide variety of local wildlife. Everyone knows that Prince Edward County is unreal, but have you ever experienced it first hand? With the Sandbanks, great local food, and the Murray canal, you definitely won’t have a dull moment.

Prince Edward County

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