What Is My Scrap Car Worth?

Recycling Your Scrap Vehicle

Cars are worth something until the day they’re melted down for scrap metal. As long-time participants in auto recycling, we know that you’re wondering how much is my car worth. You should give us a call. Our experts can assess the value of your car right over the phone and give you a quote based on the current price of the metal(s) contained in the vehicle. Selling your car through auto recycling is green. And not just money. It also helps the earth!

Loader driving through the scrap yard
Thorold Auto Parts 23 Acres of Scrap Vehicles

Selling Your Car for Scrap Has Never Been Easier

Since most auto recycling yards, like us, both scrap cars and sell used auto parts—we will still buy your vehicle even if you’ve taken a few essential components out. However, the price may go down, depending on what you took out. If you take your tires off, we will no longer accept the vehicle.

If you don’t have the expertise to sell your car’s parts, then selling your car for scrap metal is an excellent choice. It takes no time or energy, we give you a quote right over the phone what your vehicle is worth for scrap, then arrange a time for you to bring it in or have it be picked up. All we need is your original green ownership. We do all the paperwork, and you get a check in hand.

To save time in your search to find out how much your car worth, call us here at Thorold Auto Parts. We will give you an exact quote of how much your vehicle is worth. So, call us today!

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