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Lenny and Frank Serravalle

Lenny and Frank Serravalle

Providing Expert Parts for Over 37 Years

Thorold Auto Parts & Recycling was founded in 1982 by Lenny Serravalle. It has been family owned and operated ever since. Following in the footsteps of his father Lenny, who founded TAP in 1982, Frank Serravalle took the reins in 2000. He said his dream was to work with his dad, but it was not to be. While he was finishing his final year in university, his father fell in an accident that left him paralyzed. “It’s kind of a tragic way to take over. My father did the first 17½ years and I’ve done the second.”

The good news is that the company has “seen great growth” in its 35 years. “We try to minimize the footprint. “We do it voluntarily. We’re trying to get more regulated. We’re constantly trying to take it a step further.” Every single car part — including the copper wire, aluminum, cast iron, engine block, transmission, fuel, anti-freeze and even the air conditioning freon are disposed of properly.

Our Mission

Thorold Auto helps people by providing them with solutions to all their automotive needs. From used parts to auto repair they do it all. They have 23 acres of auto parts for many different makes and models. There are three licensed technicians in their recently added service department. Sometimes they even have vehicles for sale.

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