Lead a Green Life

Think Green. Do Your Part To Help The Environment

We should all be living a green life. Each of us should take the time to consider the Earth. We only have one and it is wasting away. These are some small changes you can make in your everyday life. We are helping the environment as much as we can, and you should help too!

Buy In Bulk

Bring your container to your bulk food store and fill ’em up.

Use Reusable Grocery Bags

Stop using plastic grocery bags!

Shop At A Thrift Shop

It takes 2,700 litres of water to make one t-shirt.


Don’t like the smell? Put your compost in the freezer.

Purchase Rechargeable Batteries

This way you aren’t throwing out batteries all the time.

Buy Castile Soap

It’s non-toxic.

Use Baking Soda and Vinegar

It is a safe, non-chemical way to clean and disinfect.

Use Bee's Wrap

Stop buying cling wrap.

Use a Reusable Water Bottle

Plastic water bottles keep ending up in the ocean.

Use a Reusable Coffee Cup

Let’s get rid of single-use coffee cups.

Use a Reusable Straw

There is many options of glass, stainless steel and bamboo straws.

Refuse Plastic Cutlery

If you aren’t eating at home, invest in a set.

Replace Single Use Keurig

All those pods are a waste. 

Use Bar Soap

Forget about all the plastic, invest in a bar.

Use Cloth Napkins

Just throw them in the wash after they have been used.

Switch to Silicone Baking Mats

Stop buying parchment paper. 

Use Wool Dryer Balls

Replace dryer sheets with wool balls. Add any essential oil you want!

DIY Cleaning and Beauty Products

Be mindful of what you are being into the air, and on your skin.

Now go live a green life! And be sure to check out our post on an Eco Home!

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